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Established in 2004, we’re a small, friendly web development company working in long term partnerships with our clients to develop web business strategies & deliver powerful, customised online tools, software, apps and websites. Our flagship projects include tools actively used in Car Dealerships, the Construction Industry and in Telecoms both in the UK and Internationally.

We have modern offices and an excellent working environment at Berry Pomery near Totnes, Devon.

Essential Requirements - Web Development Technologies

We use web development technologies to build a range of web applications which are used across our business.  We use PHP, so experience in PHP, or a similar modern OOP programming language such as Java or C# is essential.  Our applications use the MySQL database - we make heavy use of this, so a good working working knowledge of SQL is key

We also use the Laravel framework extensively - experience with this or similar frameworks would be very useful. We use Git for version control, and our servers run Linux. We work on MacOS because the Unix underpinnings make it easier to set up a dev environment.

Successful candidates are most likely to have a working knowledge of:

  • PHP (with a Framework such as Laravel)

  • SQL

  • JavaScript / jQuery

  • Linux

  • Version control - we use Git

Bonus Points...

We haven’t specified the number of years of experience required, but we are looking for people who can hit the ground running. In addition to the tools above,  We use jQuery and React in different areas of the project and in some instances we use Node.js. We deploy AWS for hosting on Linux instances.

So ideally, you’ll also have a good working knowledge of these tools and environments:

  • React

  • Node

  • AWS

We’ve assessed ourselves as 10/12 on the Joel Test and we’re more than happy to discuss this and how we might improve our processes and tools.

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To apply, email us with your CV : [email protected]

We can offer a fast moving, varied work environment with interesting, very active projects. Our ethos is that our development team is in direct contact with customers and software users (rather than being considered a backroom resource).

We offer 28 days holidays (including Bank Holidays) + 1 extra for your birthday + 1 extra day for each year of service. 

We use the best tools and free coffee! We offer on job training, coaching, mentoring and  support when needed. Salary-wise, we are competitive and on occasion, when we can, we also pay bonuses.